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Part Number: ADP3133

Description: RS232 to RS422 and RS485 Converter

Category: Converters

Price: $98.34

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The ADP3133 represents a hardware solution to the problem of converting signals between two standards. Data transfer can take place at up to 1200m (4000'), over four or two wire cable for full or half duplex, respectively. The converters can handle any RS-485/RS-422 device allowing it to function as a short haul modem or interface converter. Request to send (RTS) selection allows up to 32 receivers to be set up in a multidrop installation, making for a cost effective network configuration.

Our ADP3135 does the same thing but has isolators, for more information on the ADP3135, click here.

adp3133 works point to point
  • Data Transmission Controlled by the RTS Signal
  • DCE/DTE Selectable
  • Point to Point, Multidrop and Simplex/Duplex Link Selectable
  • Four Wire Full Duplex / Two Wire Half Duplex
  • Compact Size
adp3133 also works in multidrop
Connectors RS-232 DB-25 Female
RS485/RS422 RS-485 / RS-422 four terminal block
RJ-11 Grounding Tab
Switches SW1 DCE, DTE, Monitor DCE, DTE
Power Consumption DC 9V 150mA (Max) DC 9V 200mA (Max)
Isolation Protection None Up to 2000V DC
Cable Distance 1200m (4000') Max
Data Rate Up to 100K bps under 1200m (4,000')
Case Plastic
Weight 60g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 74.5 x 54 x 18.5 mm
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