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Personal Care Products - Value Brands Available On-Line

Dear Rise International,

You are truly lifesavers. I have contact dermatitis and cannot use soap with any additives in it.
PEARS soap is the only one that helps with my condition. You have my gratitude forever.

John Summers, Chichopee, Massachusetts

"This healthy, natural, transparent soap and outstanding Dermasil lotion
are my family's standards now! Since I get them by the case now,
I frequently use them as a very practical gifts and make my friends very happy too."

Rebecca Reedy Los Gatos, California

Pears Soap
Pear Transparent Soap

PEARS TRANSPARENT SOAP is the transparent soap with an expensive look and feel. It is a very natural, glycerin-based soap with natural oils, moisturizing properties, and gentle enough for even very sensitive skin.

Dermasil Lotion

Your solution to dry skin.
Your path to naturally beautiful, healthy skin.

A scrumptious treat for daily moisturizing

Dermasil Night and Day Creams

Dermasil Oil Free Facial Cream with Vitamin A & E is specially formulated to enrich skin with intense moisture to leave it softer and smoother while relieving skin's dryness.

Dermasil Epsom Salt

Dermasil Bath & Body Salts contain essential oils to soothe your body, relax tense muscles and promote well-being.

Dermasil Moisterizing Cleansing Bar and Hand Wash

Gently cleanses your skin.
Enriched with a naturally mild cleanser.

Your skin will look and feel softer and healthier
Dermasil Moisturizing Lip Treatment

Rise Shave Cream and Shave Gel

Immediately cools and invigorates .
Calms skin discomfort due to shaving.

Moisturizes and helps protect against irritations

Our entire, very aggresively  priced line, is full of value for the consumer and profitability for the reseller , truly an outstanding business opportunity for sales, promotions and licensing.
In addition to the products we make available on line to the consumer, we provide a large variety of personal care products in all of the following categories:
       Skin Care
       Men's Grooming
       Personal Wash
       Shave needs
       Dry Skin Treatment

      Experience the Rise International  Advantages!

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