Description: This switch is not limited to printers, but will also work with other peripherals like Tape Backup Drives, parallel interface cameras (CCD, QuickCam) or flatbed scanners.
  • Dual Channel allows both peripherals to be used simultaneously.
  • Full IEEE1284 compatible, also works with Regular Parallel.
  • Transfer rate is 2M Bytes per second.
  • Fileshare feature allows Computers A&B to share files with each other, a second fileshare channel allows Computers C&D to share files.
  • Compatible with DOS, Windows™ 3.X, Windows™ NT, Windows™ 95, and Windows™ 98.
This switch is powered by the signals of the equipment that it's hooked to. If in some cases the signals are not strong enough, an external power source would be the ADD090604.
Use the M2259 to connect from computer to switch. The M2259 also works for peripherals with a DB25 connector while the M2256 works to printers and other peripherals with the CN36.
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