Description: Features
  • Tests UTP, STP & flat satin cables with RJ45 terminations
  • Tests both data & phone connection schemes including patch cords & installed cables to identify:
    • Good connections
    • Opens
    • Shorts
    • Cross-connections
  • Plug into live network to:
    • Identify data & link transmission speeds with real time detection: 100 MB & 10 MB
    • Detect PC (NIC) and HUB data transmissions and PC (NIC) & HUB NLP or FLP link pulse
  • Multi-purpose tester at an affordable price
  • Selectable scan speed: fast or slow
  • Identifies cross-over telephone connections
  • Maps LAN cabling or patch cords
  • Low-battery detection in LAN ID mode
  • Includes 2 RJ45 patch cords, 9V battery & durable, nylon carrying case with belt loop
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Category: Tools Continuity Testers

Part Number: PAL1576 .....

Price: $85.40


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