Description: The eight-port active hubs, NAA10802 and NAA10804, are low profile connecting device for ARCNET™ network. NAA10802 is designed for ARCNET™ network using RG-62 coaxial cable while NAA10804 is for network using twisted pair wire. With the ability of conditioning, boosting, and relaying network signals, these hubs are used to attain maximum allowable connection distance and to offer flexibility in the physical connection scheme.

NAA10802 and NAA10804 have eight ports for the connection to other ARCNET™ network components, such as network adapters, active hubs, passive hubs, and repeaters. Nine LEDs in the front panel indicate the power and eight ports' working status, thus providing a significant aid for network diagnostic. The power LED lights when power is ON. A port LED is on either data is being transmitted over the network or the token is being passed from node to node. LED is OFF when the port detects no signals. No signal is detected by the port when the cable is not connected, the cable is broken, or ARCNET™ adapter is not installed on the workstation. LED blinks when the network is under reconfiguration, i.e. a workstation joins or exits the network.

NAA10802 This active hub is a low profile, 8-port hub designed to connect to multiple workstations and additional hubs on a coax network using point-to-point star topology. It also connects multiple ARCNET™ nodes on a single bus cable to the network. No termination is required on open ends of the hub.
Filename:  n/a
Included Drivers:n/a
  • Model:  NAA10802 / NAA10804
  • PC Supported:  n/a
  • Standards:  ARCNET™
  • Network Connector:
NAA108028 BNC coaxial connectors
NAA108048 RJ-11 UTP jacks
  • LAN Controller:  n/a
  • Data Transfer Rate:  2.5Mbps
  • Duplex:  n/a
  • Cable:
NAA10802RG-62 coaxial cable, max. distance up to 2,000ft, L0322
NAA10804Twisted pair wire, max. distance up to 400ft, L0525
  • LEDs:  Power LED for hub and one activity LED for each port/jack
  • Power Requirement:  110V/220V AC (Dip Switch Selectable)
  • Ambient Temperature:  0° ~ 50° C
  • Humidity:  5% ~ 90%
  • Dimensions:  69 x  269 x 137 mm (H x W x D)
    Weight:  1.5kgs
  • EMI Rating:  FCC Part 15 Class A and CE Mark
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