The DSK9026 is hot swappable which means the drive can be removed while the power is still on. It has an improved design to work with all fast SCSI II applications. See also our drive Caddie for IDE drives, DSK9025.
The DSK9026 consists of a frame, cartridge, top and bottom covers. The frame can be fitted into any standard 5.25" drive bay. It can handle a 1" or 1.65" high 3.5" hard drive. By turning the keylock to the OFF position, power to the hard drive is cut off.
  • Supports Ultra 2 LVD 160 MB/s Max
  • Built-in fan for reliable operation
  • Key and Electronic Lock for security
  • Hot removability
  • Power & Drive activity LED
  • Built-in SCSI ID selector option
  • Twisted Cable
  • Aluminum or plastic frame
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