Description: Mid-Tower, 250W (UL/FCC) ATX Power Included, three 5.25" & two 3.5" open bays, three 3.5" hidden bays, 1 fan included.


Fits all motherboards, AT and ATX .
Screwless Design
Screwless front bezel with side covers slide open
Interchangeable front Panel Design
Lower panel is interchangeable for multiple looks.
Hard Drive Cooling
8cm (standard) blows directly over the hard drives.
Case Cooling
8cm (optional) for case air flow.
Removable Motherboard Tray
Motherboard tray slides easily out rear.
Snap in Standoffs.Folded Edges.
Prevents hand injuries.
Reusable Drive Bay Cover.
Single screw design allows of removal reinstallation
Quality Steel Construction.
Nippon (Japanese) metal, 1.0mm thick.
EMI Clips.
Placed around the case for FCC approval.
ATX I / O Panels.
ATX case comes with multiple I / O plates


 TypeFull Tower Mini-Mid Tower
Main BoardFull, Baby & ATXFull, Baby & ATX
Optional BezelsSP-991SA-FSP-992SA-F
Disk Drive Space5 x 5.25 " F.D.D.
1 x 3.5" F.D.D.
2 x 3.5" H.D.D. (Hidden)
2 x 3.5"
3 x 5.25" F.D.D.
2 x 3.5" F.D.D.
3 x 3.5" H.D.D.
Power Supply250watt UL, CSA or 250watt, UL, CSA, FCC, DOC ATX250watt UL, CSA or 250watt, UL, CSA, FCC, DOC ATX
Expansion Slots8 (12) & 77
Serial / Parallel Ports3 x DB92 x DB9
2 x DB253 x DB25
2 x SCSI-32 x SCSI
Dimension (W x D x H) 7.4 x 16 x 24.2 Inch8.5 x 17.8 x 17.1 Inch
Power Supply
NW: 24.3lbsNW: 17.6lbs
GW: 26.5lbsGW: 19.8lbs
NW: 27.6lbsNW: 20.9lbs
GW: 30lbsGW: 23.1lbs
Cooling Fans Space3 x 8 cm (OPTIONAL)1 x 8 cm standard; 1 x 8cm optional
Packing 1 per ctn/3.25 cu ft1 per ctn/2.28 cu ft
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