• Auto Sensing Power Supply
    Automatically detects 90VAC to 264VAC to adapt to varying power systems.
  • Universal Wiring Harnesses
    Streamlines the manufacturing and assembly process.
  • Ferrite Core
    Reduces EMI emissions guaranteeing CE and FCC compliance.
  • Pre-Installed Cabling
    Device is ready to install, thanks to our attention to customized, quality pre-cabling.
  • Stackable & Vertical Orientation
    Cleverly designed rubber feet allows  for easy stacking, or vertical positioning.
  • Quality Construction
    Removable items fit snugly, an audible "click" ensures positive contact during installation.
  • Conversion from Parallel to IDE
    SCSI interfaces are also available (DSK1230.
  • Dimensions
    6.7" wide x 9.8" deep x 2.4" height (170mm x 249mm x 610mm).
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