Dual Serial & Parallel

Combo Board

with 16550 UARTs and EPP Accelerator

The ADP6005 breaks the speed and IRQ bottlenecks that limit expandability and performance in today's PCs.
Combining both high-speed serial and parallel interfaces on one PCI bus card, the ADP6005 provides PC users with a single board (and shared IRQ) solution for all of their I/O connectivity needs. The ADP6005 incorporates two high-speed 16550 UART serial ports with a maximum data throughput rate up to 115.2 Kbps, and one enhanced (EPP) parallel port which is 3 times faster than any built in parallel port.
PC users can now connect external modems, POS devices, PalmPCs, as well as all types of external drives, fast printers, parallel port scanners all to one card.

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ADP6005Dual Serial and Single Parallel Port PCI
  • PCI bus Dual Serial and Parallel Combo card.
  • Two High Speed 16550 UART serial ports (one 9-pin & one 25-pin) - maximum data rate for each port: 115.2 Kbps.
  • One Enhanced (EPP) parallel port - incorporates Lava's PCI Enhanced Parallel Port technology enabling data transfer rates up to 3 times faster than any other PC parallel port.
  • Fully supports PCI IRQ sharing - saves valuable resources for other expansion cards.
  • Easy Plug & Play installation - automatically configures I/O addresses & IRQs.
  • 100% compatible with all external modems, PalmPCs, digital cameras, UPSs, and POS devices, as well as all types of external drives, fast printers, parallel port scanners, and video-conferencing equipment.
  • Fully compliant with PCI Specification 2.1.
  • Lava Lifetime Warranty.
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