Description: Specifications:
  • Easy installation with Ca5E/6 Ethernet cable
  • Extend HDMI 1.3 signal (10.2Gbps) transmission up to 40m (120Ft) at full HD 1080p, 60m (180Ft) at 1080i
  • Useful where only PLENUM in-wall wiring is permitted
  • Resolution: 1080p/1080i/720p/576p/480p/576i/480i
  • Video color format: Deep color 36 bit
  • Audio format: LPCM/Dolby-AC3/DTS7.1/DSD
  • datatransfer speed: 102Gbps
  • Input video signal: 5.0V P-P
  • Cat5E/6 cable length 40m (120Ft) for 1080p, 60m (180Ft) for 1080i
  • Uses 2 Cat.5e or Cat.6 cables (not included) (Click Here to see our selection of Cat 5e Cables)
  • HDMI output cable length: max 15m (45Ft)
  • Operating temp: -15 to 55 centigrade
  • Operating humidity: 5 to 90% RH
  • New design doesn't require external power, HDMI port provides enough power.
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