Description: Features
  • Access multiple PCs with one set of keyboard, mouse and monitor.
  • Save space while being cost effective.
  • Front panel LEDs indicate which PC is selected.
  • Select PCs by using front panel SELECT button or Hot Key command.
  • Auto Scan Mode sequences through PC.
  • Supports SVGA, VGA, and multi-sync monitors, resolutions up to 2048x1536.
  • Can switch independent KVM and USB devices.
  • Buzz for switching confirmation.
  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista and Linux OS compatible.
PC Port2
Device Port2 x PS/2 Device
Cable Length1.8M
Port SelectionSelect button or Hot-Key commands.
PC Port LEDSelected2 x Green Color LED
Connectors on included CablesPC end2 x PS/2 Mini-DIN-6 Male
1 x HDB-15 Male (Blue)
1 x USB Type A Plug
KVM End1 x HDB-15 Male (Black)
1 x USB Type A Plug
Connectors on KVM BoxFor included cables2 x HDB-15 Female (Black)
2 x USB A type Jacks
For Keyboard1 x PS/2 Mini-DIN-6 Female
For Mouse1 x PS/2 Mini-DIN-6 Female
For Monitor1 x HDB-15 Female (Blue)
For USB Devices1 x USB A type Jacks
Module Dimension (L x W x H)4.3 inch (110mm) x 2.6 inch (66mm) x .9 inch (22mm)
EmissionCE, FCC, C-Tick
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Category: Switches - Electronic Keyboard Video Mouse KVM

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