- Access two computers with a single console
- Select computers easily by hot keys or button
- Great for testing or server control
- Daisy Chainable
- Specifications

Access two computers with a single console

The 1 to 2 CPU Switch allows you to simply allow a single monitor, mouse, and keyboard to control two separate computers.

Select computers easily by hot keys or button

You can select each port by the button on the CPU Switch or keyboard hot keys.

Great for testing or server control

This product is great for offices running multiple servers. Why pay the extra money for more monitors and keyboards when they are hardly ever used? Can also be used to test out hardware and software on multiple PC's. Daisy Chainable

Three stage cascadable with ADP5246, ADP5252, and ADP5264 for accessing more computers.


Mouse emulation and keyboard emulation for automatic PC boot up
Provides serial mouse and keyboard ports
Supports SVGA, VGA and Multisync monitors
Built-in buzzer for switching confirmation
Keyboard LED status recorded and restored while switching among computers
Auto Scan for monitoring PC periodically 

Power ConsumptionDC 9V 200mA (Max)
Accessing PC Number2
PC Selected byKeyboard/Button
Keyboard EmulationPC/AT
Mouse EmulationSerial mouse
Port Status2
VGA Band Width (-3db)100MHz
Resolution1024 x 768
Scan Interval3-40 Seconds
ConnectorKeyboard5-pin DIN Female
Mouse9-pin D Type Male/Female
Monitor15-pin HDB Type Female/Male
Dimensions (L x W x H)224 x 152 x 52 (mm)
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Category: Switches - Electronic Keyboard Video Mouse KVM

Part Number: ADP5242 .....

Price: $112.00


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