- Plug-and-play operation
- One unit for keyboard, mouse and monitor extension
- Specifications

Plug-and-play operation

Just like it says, plug it in and play. No setup hassles. No tools or special cables required.

One unit for keyboard, mouse and monitor extension

Placing a single Console Extender between the CPU and mouse/keyboard/monitor is all that is needed to extend this distance from your computer to console.


For PC/AT (ADP5241)
For PS/2 (ADP5251)
Suitable for SVGA, VGA and Multisync monitors

Power ConsumptionAC 9V 300mA (Max)
Cable Length3m, to computer/80m, to keyboard, mouse & monitor
ConnectorKeyboard5-pin DIN6-pin mini DIN
Monitor15-pin HDB Type
Mouse9-pin D Type6-pin mini DIN
LEDPower Indicator
Dimensions (L x W x H)137 x 103 x 34 (mm)
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Category: Extenders

Part Number: ADP5241 .....

Price: $146.40


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