- Share 2 consoles with 1 CPU
- Auto/Manual mode selectable
- Simultaneous VGA display on both consoles
- Specifications

Share 2 consoles with 1 CPU

Why purchase an extra computer to hold the same information or do the same tasks when you can just add another monitor keyboard and mouse to the same system you are currently using. The 2 to 1 CPU Sharing device will allow you to share a single tasking system with another user without the purchase of networking cards and networking hassles.

Auto/Manual mode selectable

The 2 to 1 CPU Sharing device can switch between consoles either by button or chosen to switch to another console by auto timeout. When neither console is being used for a selected amount of time, whichever console is used first will be selected as active.

Simultaneous VGA display on both consoles

No matter which console is set to active, all monitors connected will display the same output so others may view at their consoles. This is great for teaching others how to do specific tasks.


Private mode for privileged operation
Screen Saver protects the monitors
Autoscan & autoswitch are full transparent to the user
Easy to install & operate

Power ConsumptionAC 9V 200mA (Max)
Sharing User Number2
Sharing FunctionKeyboard & Mouse
Signal of VGA PortRGB Analog & HSYNC, VSYNC
VGA Band Width (-3db)100 MHz
VGA Resolution1024 x 768
LED2 Inputs & 1 Manual Status
Function KeyAuto/Manual Selection
ConnectorKeyboard6-pin mini DIN Female
Mouse9-pin D Type Male/Female & 6-pin mini DIN Female
Monitor15-pin HDB Type Female
Dimensions (L x W x H)224 x 152 x 52 (mm)
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