- Duplicate video signals to eight video outputs
- Daisy Chainable
- Specifications

Duplicate video signals to eight video outputs

Our video splitters are more than just video duplicators: they enhance video signals through long distance broadcasting of up to 65m (210 feet).

Daisy Chainable

The daisy chain feature enables you to connect multiple video splitters together so you can use as many monitors as you want with minimum cost.


Gain control switch for optimum picture quality.
Power-save mode when computer is off.
Suitable for SVGA, VGA and Multisync monitors.

Power Consumption (Max)DC 9V 130mADC 9V 250mA
Cable Distance65m (210 feet) (Max)
Signal TypeVGA, SVGA, Multisync Monitor
Slide SwitchVideo Signal Gain Control
VGA Band Width (-3db)250MHz250MHz200MHz
VGA Resolution1024 x 768
Connector-Input1 15-pin HDB, Male
Connector-Output2 15-pin HDB, Female4 15-pin HDB, Female8 15-pin HDB, Female
LED1, Power Indicator
Weight190g 1150g1200g
Dimensions (L x W x H)104 x 98 x 24 (mm)224 x 152 x 52 (mm)
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Category: Video Extenders Boosters & Splitters Extenders

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Price: $146.40


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