Description: The ADP5191 Serial Adapter is the fast & simple way to attach two pointing devices to one computer. With this small, easy to use, Y-shaped adapter you don't have to open your computer or install any software, just plug it in & you're ready to go.

Why use the ADP5191?
  • Simultaneous access to standard mice as well as devices like trackballs & touch pads.
  • Accommodates right & left handed users with convenient placement of mice on both sides of a computer.
  • Great for teaching & classrooms where students must share a computer.
  • Helps avoid repetitive motion problems by allowing users to switch between devices.
  • Daisy chain multiple adapters to attach multiple input devices.
  • Makes gaming more fun since the mouse doesn't need to be passed around.
  • Use with other Y-mouse (see list at bottom) products to access one computer from two locations.
Technical Information:
The ADP5191 Dual Serial Mouse Adapter is for use with two PC compatible, Serial (9-pin) pointing devices. It uses one standard mouse driver for both mice. Compatible with all operating systems that support Serial type mice. An internal microprocessor automatically switches to the active device and blocks the other signal, thereby avoiding conflict. No additional IRQs or comm ports required.

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