Description: The Sync Converter adapter will convert your standard VGA signal to both composite and sync on green output. Composite sync output is typically used on all SUN and MAC workstation monitors. Sync on green is typically used on all DEC, NeXT, HP, SGI, APOLLO, and IBM™ workstation monitors.
Please note: A cable or cable adapter may be required with this, and is sold separately. Please call us with the make and model of your monitor so that we can provide you with the proper cable and hookup.
There are still some monitors that this product will not work with. For those monitors, we can customize a video card to your monitor. See the ADP5121 for more information.

Sync Inputs:

VerticalInput pin 14
Range: 50 to 150Hz
TTL Levels
Horizontal or compositeInput pin 13
Range: 30 to 150KHz
TTL Levels

Sync Outputs:

VerticalOutput pin 14
Range: As input
TTL Levels
CompositeOutput pin 13
H and V combined
TTL Levels
Output pin 2
H+V+green video
RS-343 Standard


InputHD15 Male
OutputHD15 Female


No external power Required
DirectInput pin 9 (If available)
Requires DDC-2 compliant card
IndirectPower derived from sync signal inputs


Size2.05"L x 1.38"W x 0.88"H
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Category: Video Converters

Part Number: ADP5120 .....

Price: $242.84


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