Description: Use as a replacement or an addition to an existing EX-NET setup.

  • Up to 32 Extenders can connect to the Print Contender ADP3344.
  • Extenders come in serial (ADP3341) and parallel (ADP3342).
  • Bus Speed: 12.5 Kbytes/sec. or 250K Bits per second, Max.
  • Print Speed: 15 Kbytes/sec. Max.
  • Bi-directional Bus: Up to 2000 feet, 4-wire phone line supports power up to 500 feet.
  • High speed and compact size.
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Please Note: The ADP3344 is designed to work with older centronic style printers and will not work with newer IEEE1284 printers unless the IEEE1284 is disabled.
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Category: Switches - Electronic Printer EX-NET

Part Number: ADP3344 .....

Price: $27.30


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