• USB to Serial Converter
    This cable converts USB Signals to RS-232 signals, allowing serial devices such as modems and POS systems to work in a USB environment. In situations where serial devices must be connected to the  PC host, this cable allows the devices to connect to the PC's USB port, freeing the few COM ports available on your PC for use in other applications like data acquisition, PLC monitoring and instrument control.
  • Product Features
    • USB (Universal Serial Bus) Rev. 1.1 compliant (or higher)
    • Supports RS-232 serial interface
    • Serial Transmission of up to 230400 bps
    • Length: 1.5m
    • Supports Windows™ 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista
  • System Requirements
    • IBM™ compatible 486DX4-100 MHz or higher
    • Available USB port
    • Windows™ 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista

USB Notes:
  • USB peripherals can connect either to a computer's port or to a hub.
  • If the computer doesn't have enough ports for all the peripherals, a hub is necessary.
  • Maximum length on individual cables is 5 Meters.
  • No terminators are needed on this bus.
  • The A (flat) type port would be considered the "out" port on a computer or hub.
  • The B (square) type port would be considered an "in" port on hubs or peripherals.
  • A typical USB "out" (Type-A) port can provide up to 500mA.
  • The speed is 12 Megabytes per second for USB 1.1 or 480 Megabytes per second for USB 2.0, the maximum number of peripherals to a controller is 63 (hubs needed when the computer runs out of ports).
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