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The ADP3132 Short Haul Modem allows you to connect the RS-232 ports of two remote devices for fast and easy file transfers and data sharing. Save on the cost of extra modems by installing a pair of these economical units and connecting them up with twisted pair cable. Transfers can take place over distances of up to 10km using either 4 wire (for Full Duplex) or 2 wire (for Simplex) telephone line. This compact unit plugs directly into the back of your asynchronous terminal, saving the space that a standalone unit would take, as well as eliminating the bulk and cost of RS-232 cables.

  • No External Power Required
  • DCE/DTE Switch Selectable
  • Long Distance Transfer Via Economical TP Cable
  • Full Duplex/Simplex Switch Selectable
  • Analog Loop Back
  • Compact Size
Connectors RS-232 DB-25 Female
2 Pair for signal transmission RJ-11 Jack
4 Screw Terminal
Cable Length 10Km (Max) @ 110 bps
800m (Max) @ 19200 bps
Switches SW1 DCE / DTE / Loop Back Select
SW2 Full Duplex / Simplex Select
Interface RS-232
Data Transfer Speed 110-38400 bps
Power Consumption Power from RS-232 interface; No external power required
Case Plastic
Weight 60g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 74.5 x 54 x 18.5 mm
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