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Description: The ADP0201 is a telephone activated remote AC power controller that can perform a variety of functions relating to the supply of 120V power to any connected equipment. It enables the user to power up, power down, or reboot remote equipment through a single phone line either automatically or manually. It interrupts the power in two different modes, automatic or manual.

Manual: A call comes in and the ADP0201 auto answers the call after the preprogrammed 3 or 15 rings. The current power status is provided by audible feedback. The security code is entered. Wait for the proceed tones and then enter the manual touch-tone command 010 for off or 011 for on--- the power change is immediate---and then listen for confirmation tones. After the confirmation tone, the caller enters 80 to retain the current power status OR simply hangs up to revert to previous power status.

Automatic: A call comes in and rings for the designated number of rings (= 2 or = 3). The ADP0201 will perform one of the following preprogrammed operations: reboot (15 second power interrupt), toggle (on or off), or power on during the phone call, then power off after two-minute delay from hang-up.

  • Manual or Automatic operation modes
  • 120 VAC Receptacle
  • Switching at 120 VAC @ 15A
  • 15A Breaker
  • Touchtone control with security or ring to trip control
  • Touch tone programming
  • Toll free tech support
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves customer service
  • Saves costly service calls
  • Return on Investment realized with one saved service call
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Category: Power Switches

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