68 Pin Internal SCSI

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From DM68F Internal SCSI Port


DM68F SCSI (Single or Multiple Drives)
Economy (not LVD Rated)
L351111 1 Drive (C----D)
L351112 2 Drives (C----D-D)
L351113 3 Drives (C----D-D-D)
L351114 4 Drives (C----D-D-D-D)
L351115 5 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-D)
LVD Unterminated
L351311 1 Drive (C----D)
L351312 2 Drives (C----D-D)
L351313 3 Drives (C----D-D-D)
L351314 4 Drives (C----D-D-D-D)
L351315 5 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-D)
L351316 6 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-D-D)
LVD with terminating block crimped on end
L351311-T 1 Drive (C----D-T)
L351312-T 2 Drives (C----D-D-T)
L351313-T 3 Drives (C----D-D-D-T)
L351314-T 4 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-T)
L351316-T 6 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-D-D-T)
L351317-T 7 Drives (C----D-D-D-D-D-D-D-T)
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