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Telco Cable Assemblies, Octopus / Hydra Cables

Category 3 through 5 Telco Assemblies

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Our Company manufactures and markets a wide variety of category 3 through 5 Telco Assemblies. There are two  basic sub categories in this type of assembly:

     Cables with AMP Champ connectors on both ends
     Hydra Cables with modular plugs.

Telco cable assemblies are used for data and voice  applications with punch down blocks, patch panels and distribution boxes. They can also be used as extension cables.

Our high quality starts with the best material and  components  and continues throughout the manufacturing and testing process with the most advanced tooling and the best workmanship in the industry.

Please E-Mail or call us for:

AT&T Cat 5 25 Pair Telco cables, P525

12 to 100 Pair Telco Cable Assemblies & Patch Cables
These Telco Assemblies are used to interconnect patch panels, connector blocks, etc. They are available in Level 1, 3 & 5, both plenum and non plenum.

12 to 100 Pair Telco Assemblies, 90 Degrees 

Octopus Cable Assemblies
Octopus cable assemblies are constructed of Level 3, 4 and 5 twisted pair cables and are normally used for systems with multiple connections to convert male or female Telco  connectors to either a modular or DSUB connector. Standard cables have 50 position male connectors. Fifty position female connectors are optional.

We specialize in telco cable design and manufacturing !
Email or Call us Today with your specific requirements

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