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Cables & Patch Panels

Quality Manufacturing Services for Custom Cable Assemblies, Harnesses & Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Wire & Cable, Electrical Wire Processing

Medical CablesWe are a custom cable manufacturing company and wire and cable supplier as a well established Cables and Patch Panels manufacturer we serve many industries, from Telecom to Industrial Manufacturing and Medical Device and Equipment.

Our company is a cohesive team of  highly qualified engineers and technicians, ready and able to work hard  to win your trust. Our vision is to become your One-Source Supplier for all your networking, premise cabling and communications requirements.

The solid, steady  growth of our cable manufacturing company is due to a continuous strategy of improvement, innovation, top level engineering and quality craftsmanship. These are the basic tools in our quest to provide  you, our customer with the best quality products in each of the following areas:

Custom Communications and Control Cables

D-Sub,  V.35,  Ethernet, Flat Ribbon, SCSI, Telco, Data Grade for IBM, DEC, Cisco, Bay Networks, Sun Micro, 3-Com, etc.

Custom Fiber HarnessesPower and Communication Cable Harnesses

Cable Assemblies from a single conductor and terminal to complex harnesses.  Manufactured to customer specifications and requirements.

Custom Communication Patching Systems

We have designed and manufactured a wide variety of specialized patching systems for RS-232, V.35, Video, Modular and more.

Custom RF/Video Cables and Harnesses

Quality custom cable assemblies for RF including BNC, SMA, SMB.Extended distance analog video cables to 140 feet.

Contract Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services

Contact us about your requirements.

We are proud to have implemented a company-wide ISO 9002 Quality Program. This is very much in keeping with our company policy to provide you with products that are 100% Inspected and Tested by our Experienced, Dedicated Staff.

Contact Today a Manufacturer you can Trust

Thank you for visiting with us. When you deal with our cable manufacturing company you can be assured of the highest quality products and best customer service. Please review our strong Capabilities and  the many ways we can serve your Cable and Communication Products needs.

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Our Company - A Reliable Cable Manufacturing Company for your Electrical and Electronic Wiring Products. We serve customers WORLDWIDE, with the fastest rack, patch panel and custom cable deliveries.

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