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Standard & Custom Cable Assembly Manufacturing Services, High Quality, Low Prices, Fast Deliveries

We are a high quality manufacturer of standard and custom cable assemblies, adapters and electromechanical wiring harnesses for computer, LAN, communications, automotive and medical equipment.

As a leading manufacturer of interconnect solutions, we know how important it is to supply precisely the right product, configured to exact customer specifications and at a quality level that never wavers. We also know how important it is to do it in a fast, friendly and flexible way.

Our company has evolved to deliver a total packaged solution, right to your door, and on time.  What makes us different is our total commitment to customer satisfaction. Whatever we have to do, to make a relationship with a customer an excellent one, we'll do it.

This is why we enjoy the highest level of customer loyalty:

    We provide more than products, we provide total solutions

    Our products won't let you down

    We are UL listed and ISO-9000 registered

    Delivery is as dependable as our product

The consistency of our assembly quality and our cabling installations is something we point to with pride.  Our constant and continual upgrading of procedures, technologies and staff training are an ongoing enhancement that keeps putting quality where it matters most: in our products and next to our name.

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Our Strengths

High Quality Connectivity Products on a Consistent Basis

Custom Cables for Computer, Networking, Industrial and Medical Applications

In House Design & Prototyping

Fast Turn Around

Products Exceed Standard Specifications

100% Quality Guarantee

Standard & Custom

Fiber Optics and Copper Cables for Computers & Networks, Wire Harnesses, Medical Cables, Industrial Cables

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© 2003-2014. Our company is a cable assembly manufacturer you can trust. In business for decades we helped many customers with copper and fiber optic cables and installation parts for computers, networks, audio-video applications, etc. We are located in New York City, NY, and we mainly supply cabling products to companies in North America, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.