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Fiber Trunk Cables Explained, What  is a Fiber Trunk Cable

Contact us for Ready Made Plug and Play Fiber Trunks

A fiber trunk cable is any fiber optic cable that is capable of supporting multiple users or devices from one point to another.  A trunk cable is a convenient and economical alternative to running multiple "jumpers" or  individual cables.  It can have from 4 to 144 fibers per trunk and distribute multiple data channels.


    Why  is Factory Termination Important?

     High Quality, Low DB Loss Terminations
     Reduced Contractor Labor Cost
     Ultra Fast Installation
     Lowest Installed Cost
     Quick Delivery
     No Highly Trained Expensive Technicians Needed

Fiber optic assemblies, unlike the equivalent copper assemblies, have very tight  assembly tolerances that are hard to achieve in the field.  If the  glass has even the smallest scratch or smudge, not to mention fractures,  high loss will result, which bogs down network throughput.  As a  result, expensive equipment, highly trained laborers and a suitable work  environment are required to terminate fiber assemblies.  This is not  always available on site!

Factory termination guarantees consistent low loss connections for  every connector in a trunk cable, and we can provide the serialized test results to prove it!  This is accomplished by machine cutting, stripping, polishing and testing each fiber in the fiber  trunk.  We have established efficient assembly procedures for each  type of fiber connector.   High quality machine polished fiber trunk cables can be delivered quickly,  ready to install - No Scrap, No Rework, No Training, No Expensive  Machines, No expensive highly trained fiber technicians, No Hassles!   This is a true plug and play fiber solution.

What  is a Pulling Eye?

A pulling eye assembly is a protective sleeve with a strength member that attaches around one end of a pre-terminated fiber trunk cable to allow for easy, safe  installation.  The plastic sleeve protects the connections, while the  strength member (tested to 60 lbs pressure) allows you pull the cable  through floors, ceilings and walls.  This assembly has been used by  countless contractors with excellent results. 

Can I pull multi-fiber through small conduit?

Often our customers have only a small opening or duct size  to pull their cables through. We understand this. We have developed techniques that allow a 96 strand cable with connectors to fit into duct as  small as 1"!

Our engineers have developed templates for each cable type and  connector type that allow us to stagger the  connectors in the custom made pulling eyes that we use for each assembly. The result is an easy to pull cable  assembly with well protected connectors.

How Can We Help You?

Our company has assembled millions of copper and fiber optic cables over the years for our customers. The reason that we have been successful is because we focus on the quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers.  We want to save you time and money with our quality assemblies. Quote your next job with Fiber Trunk Cables and let us do the work.

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