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Server Cables - All the Cables you need for Rackmount, Wallmount and Stand alone Servers

Cable Manufacturing Services for SAS, SATA, USB, Firewire, PS2, DB9 Serial, Printer VHDCI External SCSI, AC Power, SVGA, and RJ45 Connections, Built to Suit / Custom Cables


We offer:

Quality Cable Design & Cable Engineering
Rapid Prototypes
Flexible Cable Manufacturing Services, from Small Runs and High Mix to Volume Production
Thousands of Standard Cabling Products
Cable Assembly Wholesale
Highly Customized Products / Custom Cable Assemblies, including Specialty, Medical, Unique, Research, Development & Test
Custom Cable Molding & Mold Tooling
Improved Strain Relief Solutions
Commercial Cabling Products
Industrial Strength & Harsh Environment Products, Industrial Gigabit Ethernet IP67
Sealed Networking Cables
Our Cables Exceed Functional, Operational and Environmental Standards
Aestethically Superior

We are a cable assembly manufacturer and wholesaler offering a large diversity of server cables for rackmount, wallmount and standalone servers, computers, storage and networking hardware. Our cables are built for applications ranging from data centers and commercial installations to Industrial and Factory Automation, Building Automation, Energy/Utilities Management, Transportation, etc. Furthermore, we cover all standard interfaces, such as USB, Firewire, PS2, DB9 Serial, Printer VHDCI External SCSI, AC Power, SVGA, and RJ45.

We offer All the Cables for server-to-server communication and blade server platforms in enterprise data centers. Get a Quick Quote!

Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for serving our customers with the finest cabling products, from standard computer cables to custom medical, instrumentation, and industrial cables.

 Our engineering personnel as well as our production and support staff are uniquely qualified to offer you, our customer, not only top level engineering and design support but also substantial cost savings.  Our price advantage stems from the advanced equipment and flexible manufacturing techniques available through state of the art cable manufacturing facilities in the United Sates, Mexico, and China.

We are flexible, fast, and courteous. Most quotes are processed within 24 hours.


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Adapters & Cable Assemblies for Servers, Storage Devices, Networking, etc .

SCSI/SCA Adapters

SCA Adapter for 2.5" SCSI drives, it plugs directly into the backplane

SCA Converter

Internal Cables
CD ROM / Audio Cables
DB9 Serial Port Cables
DB25 Parallel Port Cables
Floppy Ribbon Cables
IDE Ribbon Cables
SCSI Ribbon Cables
Ultra ATA Cables
USB "A" Port Cables

External Cables
Audio 3.5mm Cables
IEEE 1394 Firewire Cables
Panel Mount Firewire Cables
IEEE 1284 Printer Cables
Keyboard/Mouse Cables
KVM Cables
Printer Cables
External SCSI Cables
RJ45 Cables
SVGA Cables
SVideo Cables
USB Cables
Panel Mount USB Cables

Internal Power Cords
DC Power for 2X 5.25" Drives
DC Power for 2X 3.5" Drives
DC Power Ext. for 2X 5.25" Drives
DC Power Adapter 3.5" - 5.25"
ATX Motherboard Power Extension
SRMK2 Motherboard DC Power
Signal and Power Combo Cables

External Power Cords
AC Power Cord ( Standard )
AC Power Cord ( Right Angle )
Danish Power Cords
Japanese Power Cables
Swiss AC Power Cables
Monitor Adapter Cords

Panel Mount Firewire Cable

KVM Cable

Serial ATA Combo Signal & Power Cable

USB Mini Stick Hub




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