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Custom Firewire Cables for Standard and Panel Mount Applications

Firewire Cable Design, Engineering and Rapid Prototypes, Industrial Firewire Cables

Our company offers full Firewire cable manufacturing services in the USA and offshore: from Firewire cable design and cable engineering to rapid Firewire cable prototypes and production, we can help customers with cable assemblies and pigtail interconnects for standard and panel mount applications.

     Built to Specs IEEE-1394 FireWire Cables
    ieee1394 firewire cable Custom 1394b Firewire cables
     Firewire USB Combos
     Custom Length Firewire Cables
     Custom Molded Firewire Cables
     Harsh Environment Firewire Cables
     Industrial Firewire cables, standard and long distance
     Continuous-flex Firewire cables for machine vision applications

Contact Us for Custom Made Firewire Cables, OEM Cable Manufacturing & Corporate Accounts

Our capabilities range from small orders to offshore volume production

Description: Various combinations of 4-pin and 6-pin IEEE1394 interconnect cables for your iLink and FireWire peripherals.

We design, engineer and manufacture custom Firewire cables and adapters for OEM, ODM and Corporate customers. Our built to specs Firewire cables, meet and exceed the standards, including the environmental standards, such as RoHS. FireWire is a technology we are excited to offer. Providing the high-speed link required for FireWire peripherals to communicate with a PC or with each other as well as the ability to transfer digital video files from camcorders to PCs, each cable is manufactured using IEEE-1394 rated wire for full compatibility and reliability.

You get the most out of FireWire 800 with quality cables from us. Our Firewire800 cables let you connect your FireWire 800 or 400 devices to your FireWire 800 ports, making sure your high-speed digital storage and video capture applications will be running their fastest. Our standard FireWire 800 cables come with the highest quality shielding to protect your data and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Please see below some of our Firewire interconnects:

    reddot Custom Firewire Cables / Built to Print IEEE-1394 FireWire Cables: 4-pin to 4-pin, 4-pin to 6-pin, 6-pin to 6-pin
    reddot Custom 1394b Firewire cables / Firewire 800 Cables: 9-pin to 9-pin, 9-pin to 6-pin
    reddot Firewire USB Combos
    reddot firewire-cableCustom Length Firewire Cables
    reddot Custom Molded Firewire Cables
    reddot Custom IEEE1394 Firewire Adapters
    reddot Custom IEEE-1394 FireWire Extension Cable: 6 to 6 pin, etc.
    reddot 3.5" Drive Bay Multi-Port Panels

Our Strengths:

    reddot Great Product Diversity
    reddot Guaranteed Quality
    reddot Unbeatable Prices
    reddot Fast Deliveries
    reddot Expert Tech Support
    reddot Standard as well as Built to Print Firewire Cables Available
    reddot In House Firewire Cable Prototypes
    reddot Small to Large Runs
    reddot USA & Offshore Cable Manufacturing
    reddot Quick Turn Around


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Quality Custom Cable Services for OEM and ODM Customers in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.




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