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Network Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures

Standard off-the-shelf and Custom Products


Our company is a Telecommunications Equipment Supplier offering Network Racks, Network Cabinets and Network Enclosures in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations for rackmount servers and other electronic equipment. We provide our customers with both Standard off-the-shelf products as well as Custom products manufactured to your precise specifications.

Network Cabinets, Network Racks, Network Enclosures

     Standard Cabinets
     Collocation Cabinets
     Universal Compaq Equiv (Accepts all MFR Networks)
     Custom Cabinets and Racks
     Double Wide Cabinets
     Seismic Cabinets
     Water Tight Cabinets
     Wall Mount Cabinets
     Open Relay Racks
     Cabinet Shelves
     Cabinet Accessories

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication: Contact us with your requirements or find out more about our Sheet Metal Fabrication Company in New Jersey.

Rapid Prototypes & Custom Sheet Metal Components from our NJ Metal Fabrication Facility
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys, Titanium, Specialty, etc.

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Network Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures Overview - EIA Standard and Custom Products

19 inch Network Racks, Network Cabinets, Network Enclosures, Seismic Cabinets, Collocation Cabinets, Shelves, Accessories

We manufacture and market network racks, cabinets, and enclosures for both rack mount and wall mount configurations. Our 19 inch Network Racks, Network Cabinets, Network Enclosures, Seismic Cabinets, Collocation Cabinets, Shelves and Accessories provide an easy, well designed, and economical solution to network and network organization and security. Over the years we have accumulated a high degree of customer loyalty and built a solid reputation based on two cardinal GTI business principles: excellent service and very reasonable prices.

Our wide range of EIA standard and custom products, and the large assortment of sizes, options and colors (see color chart) can accommodate the greatest diversity of hardware manufacturers. Ventilation, cable management and modularity make it easy to work with.

Throughout our entire product line we emphasize modularity and flexibility which allow the customer to achieve limitless equipment configurations and furniture layouts. You can refine your set-up by adding a large assortment of accessories and options such as: stationary and sliding shelves, storage compartments, power outlet strips, front access cable management systems and cooling devices such as fan assemblies and blower units.

Our company offers network racks in standard and custom configurations to meet your exact requirements. Some of our network racks can be bought online, however we can supply many other network racks from leading manufacturers or produced in our manufacturing facility in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

    Network Racks, Network Cabinets, Network Enclosures, Collocation Cabinets, and Seismic Cabinets Available Online in standard EIA and other heights, widths, and depths
    Cabinet Accessories: Heavy Duty Locking Casters, Internal Cable Management System, Horizontal Cable Management System, Articulating Keyboard Shelf with Mouse Attachment, Tilting Shelf with Safety Edge, Mobile Network Cart with Locking Casters
    Cabinet Shelves: Pullout Network Shelves for Single and Double Wide Cabinets, Keyboard Shelves, Rotating Keyboard Shelf, Flat Shelves, Cantilever Shelves, Ventilated Shelves
    Capacity: 8u, 9u, 12u, 18u, 20u, 25u, 26u, 36u, 40u, 41u, 44u, 45u, 48u, 51u, 61u
    Widths: 19", other sizes available
    Depths: 24", 30", 32", 36", 40"
    Also we offer other EIA sizes and custom sizes, custom colors, and custom configurations

Our Products are a perfect solution for rackmount servers including those from HP, Dell, IBM, Apple, Compaq, IBM & Sun. Please contact us today and let us know the size you want for your network rack, cabinet or enclosure and what options and accessories will configure your best solution. We will build, paint, and configure your product to your exact specification and ship it to directly to you.

RoHS Compliance

Any of our products can be made RoHS compliant upon request.

If you don't need a fully enclosed network cabinet we supply 4 post rack frames from which to select, each with its own distinctive advantages and features. Call us with your questions and we'll help you decide which 4 post rack suits your needs.

Quality of our Network Racks, Network Cabinets, Network Enclosures

The GTI series of network racks, network cabinets, equipment enclosures, LAN racks, network cabinets, network enclosures, etc. offers an excellent combination of quality features and cost effectiveness.  Features such as enhanced thermal management, expandability, multi system compatibility, structural integrity, security, and compliance to internationally recognized standards are combined in each of our equipment cabinets to offer outstanding value for your investment. In addition to standard configuration network enclosures, collocation cabinets, electronics cabinets or electronic racks, our  customers can "build their own"  equipment rack, computer enclosure, or collocation enclosure, by using the frame size needed and adding the components from the listings and pictures on the site.

GTI providing quality computer racks, LAN cabinets, and electronics enclosures at discount prices to help organize and secure rackmount equipment. Our network rack cabinets are sold throughout the US and Canada, as well as internationally . Seismic enclosure / seismic cabinet customers as well as electronic rack buyers in general include Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, government organizations, healthcare and military facilities and small to medium-sized businesses. Value, quality, availability and excellent prices are the cornerstone of our success. 

Network Rack / Network Cabinet Load Testing

GTI scrupulously tests the weight bearing capacity of all our products. These tests establish upper limits to the amount of weight a product can safely support. Static tests are conducted with the rack standing still. Dynamic tests are conducted by physically moving the rack while under load.  In order to pass the tests, the network rack must not only have no structural failure, but its critical dimensions can flex from their original position no more than the QA established strict limits.

Call us Toll Free at for a FREE consultation on your particular Cabinet, Rack or Sheet Metal Fabrication needs. Explore with our engineers the most economical solution for protecting and organizing your LAN equipment. Use our QUICK QUOTE system to discover the price advantages we offer, and the significant quantity discounts available from GTI

GTI: Complete racks, cabinets and enclosures to hold and protect
every element of your network... safely and economically

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Certifications: ISO 9001:2000 Certified, TL9000, WBENC, BBB

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