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USB Adapters and Cables

USB 5-in-1 Memory Card Adapter
This unique adapter card can be plugged into a PCMCIA socket or connected to a USB port, making it ideal for use with both notebook and desktop computers. The card reader can read and write to SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCard, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro flash cards.



USB Parallel
USB to Parallel Converter Cable: this USB parallel printer cable is a single chip solution that provides bi-directional connectivity between any standard IEEE-1284 compliant parallel port devices and the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface.


USB to PS/2 active Y adapter, allows you to use PS2 compatible mouse and keyboard as USB compatible devices, supports standard Windows multimedia keys



USB to IEEE 1284 parallel converter cable (also known as USB printer IEEE-1284 adapter cable), used to hook up a IEEE 1284 Printer to the USB Port.




USB Wireless
As a cable manufacturer and distributor we offer our customers the newest USB wireless products. Please see below some of the products we market:

USB wireless adapter: is giving you the ability to connect to a wireless network at home, or at the office; it includes a standard USB cable and connects to any available USB port on a laptop or desktop Windows-based PC. With its USB cable and the adapter's flip-up antenna, the USB wireless can be positioned virtually anywhere in a workspace
USB wireless network adapter for PC to PC file transfer, internet connection sharing and networking USB + PCMCIA wireless, 2 PC Package PC to PC file transfer, internet connection sharing and networking.

USB 2.0 Cable - HIGH-SPEED (A-B) 6ft. Device Cable
Easily connect a USB device to your PC or Mac with this 6' USB device cable. Foil and braid shield reduces EMI/RFI interference while 28 gauge signal wires ensure maximum signal integrity. Twisted-pair construction reduces cross talk and ensures highspeed, error-free data transfer. 480 Mbps transfer rate, 1.0,1.1 and 2.0 performance compliant.

USB Bridge Cables
USB was designed as a PC-to-peripheral communication mechanism. Because of this design, it is not possible to plug a passive cable between the USB ports of two computers and transfer information. In fact, doing so could damage the USB ports of your computer. What is required is a special cable with a chip and active electronics in the middle of the cable. This type of cable is known as an "USB bridge cable". The chip in the middle of the cable acts as a peripheral to both computers, and allows for peer-to-peer communication between the computers. The USB bridge cables are used to transfer files quickly and safely between two computers via their USB ports. Transfer rates of up to 900,000 bytes per second can be achieved, which is 9 times faster than typical parallel transfer rates and 45 times faster than typical serial transfer rates.

You can extend the distance of your USB bridge cable by purchasing USB Active Extension Cables (sometimes called a USB repeater cable). The USB Extension Cable can also be used to extend USB device cables, which are used for connecting peripheral devices such as printers or scanners to your computer.

USB device cables cannot be used for file transfer between computers.

USB bridge controllers - USB On-the-Go chip enables portable devices to transfer data directly to another peripheral device without first having to connect to a PC.

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