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Semiconductor Processing Equipment

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Device Bay

MT-RJ Connector

Cable Modem

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Fibre Channel

Computer Networks

Plastic Fiber Optics

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Printer Drivers

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Pinout Diagrams
Pinouts for various connectors in Real Life(tm) INDEX
50-Conductor SCSI Quiet Cableル Pinout


Video Cables and Connectors


Connectors: MIL SPEC, Industrial, Commerical

Digital Subscriber Line
DSL Center
ADSL forum

MT-RJ Fiber Optic Connector

Cable Modem
Cable Modem FAQ

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

IDE, EIDE, ATA, ATA-2, ATAPI, Fast ATA, Ultra ATA, Ultra DMA, DMA/33, DMA/66
Technical Committee T13 AT Attachment
IDE - Hardware Reference & Information Document
IDE, Enhanced IDE Cable Assemblies

What is USB 3.0?
USB Implementers Forum
USB Cable Assemblies
USB Overview

Fiber Optics Cabling
Fiber Optic Connector Guide
Fibre Channel Tutorial

Fiber Channel
Fiber Channel Cable Assemblies
T11 Home Page
CERN Fibre Channel Home Page

Computer Networks
Computer Network  Cables

High Speed Communications Cable Assemblies

Ethernet FAQ
Gigabit Ethernet Tutorial
Ethernet Guide

Network Cable Assemblies
Ethernet / Fast Ethernet Cables
TCP/IP Links

Network Cabling FAQ
Network Tutorial
Network Protocol Tutorial
Network Hardware Guide
Network Cabling Tutorial
Network Glossary

Introduction to ATM
ATM Assemblies
The ATM Forum

Custom Fiber Optic Jumpers

100 VG-Any LAN

Computer Network  Cables

A-Z Network Patch Cords

Fiber Optic Cables

Telecommunication Market Studies
IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
Glossary of Internet Terms

Harddrive Cabling
SATA Tutorial

SCSI Documentation
Custom SCSI Cable Assemblies
SCSI links (also many other useful links)
Cable Specs, Connectors, Pin Signals, Terminators,
Differential vs. Single-Ended, Shielding, etc.

Domestic and International Power Cord Tutorial

Connectors: MIL SPEC, Industrial, Commerical

Printer Drivers from A to Z
Custom Assemblies
Custom Cable Assemblies
Discount Cable Assemblies

Video Drivers
Download Internet Software

Best Dermatologist' Care


HDMI with Ethernet Cables

Souriau Connectors - Distributor of Trim Trio, MIL 26482 Series 1 and MIL 38999 Series 1, 2, 3 Connectors

USB and Firewire Cables

General Purpose Enclosures - Pioneer Frames

A to B USB Cables

USB Mini A to Micro B OTG Cables

Cables, Adapters, Electronics and Accessories

Fiber Optic Patch Cables, Multimode Fiber

Cables and Adapters

Fiber Trunk Cables

Cables Converters and Adapters

Server Rackmount and Wallmount Solutions

Military Fiber Optic Cables

Wind Turbine Cables

Low Triboelectric Noise Wire and Cable

Premium Gold Audio & Video Cables

Electronic Connector Supplier

Protocol Converters and Cables

Wire Harness Manufacturing to OEMs, Industrial, Communication, Medical and Audio Video Industries

NJ Auto Insurance

Equipment Racks

Computer & Network Cables

Disposable Medical Supplies - Cables, Catheters and Probes

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Adapters, Converters & Cables

Electrical / Industrial Connectors

Computer Furniture & LAN Racks

Custom Cables & Harnesses

Smart Connectivity, Security, Converters, Cables, Sensors

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