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Computer  Hardware Products - Overview

Our  company offers computer hardware products, such as  computer cards, networking cables adapters, converters,  and extenders, KVM products, USB and Firewire products,  multimedia and audio-video, remote power protection  products, computer cleaning products, internet video  surveillance systems, external drive housings, and  cabling tools and testers. Please see below the  categories we offer.

Category: Add-On Cards
Serial RS-232 Cards
Parallel Cards
Serial RS-232 / Parallel  Cards
USB Cards
FireWire Cards
Combo USB + FireWire Cards
Network Interface Cards
IDE / ATA / SATA Controller Cards
Diagnostic Cards
Adapter Cards

Category: Networking
Patch Cables
UTP Category 5e Cables, UTP Category 6 Cables,  FTP Category 5e Cables, FTP Halogen Free Cables, Fibre  Optic 50/125 µm Cables, Fibre Optic 62.5/125 µm Cables,  EAD / scEAD Cables
Network Cables (Bulk)
Connectors & Adapters
RJ-45 Connectors, RJ-45 Boots, Network Line Doubler,  Couplers, Modular Adapters  , BNC  Connectors & Adapters
IP Surveillance / Remote Power Switching
Wall Plates
Network Hubs, Switches & Routers
Media Converters /  Transceivers
WLAN & Bluetooth
Print Servers

Category: KVM  Switches & Extenders
KVM Switches Listed By Number of Ports
1  user > 2 computers, 1 user > 4 computers, 1 user  > 8 computers, 1 user > 16 computers, 2 user  >16 computers, 2 users > 4 computers, 2 users >  8 computers, 4 users > 8 computers, 4 users > 16  computers, 
KVM Switches Listed By Model Name
CPU  Switch Lite, CPU Switch Lite OSD, CPU Switch Smart, CPU  Switch Junior, CPU Switch Pro & IP, CPU Switch Multi  Platform, CPU Switch Multiscreen, CPU Switch  Multimedia
KVM Consoles
KVM Console Switches
KVM Extenders
Power Supplies
Rackmount Kits &  Extender Accessories
Multi-Platform KVM Converter Cables
KVM Cables
KVM  Extension Cables, KVM Cables, KVM Cables for CPU Switch  Lite OSD 8 (and old desktop models 32822 & 32823),  KVM Cables for USB & VGA

Category: Sharing, Converting,  Extending
Automatic Switches (Serial/Parallel)
Manual Switches  (Serial/Parallel)
Parallel & Serial Extenders, Converters
USB Extenders & Converters
  PS/2 Extenders
Video/VGA Extenders &  Splitters
VGA/TV Converters
Video Server TCP/IP

Category: USB  & FireWire
USB Hubs
USB Drive Housings
USB Switches & Sharers
USB Converters & Extenders
USB Docking Stations
USB Multimedia
USB Input Devices
USB Light
USB Cables
Type A to Type B USB Cables,  Type A to Mini B USB Cables, Type A USB Extension  Cables, USB Charger Cables, Other USB Cables 
FireWire Peripherals
FireWire Hubs
FireWire PCI & PCMCIA  Cards
FireWire Cables
FireWire Cables 4 Pin to 6  Pin, FireWire Cables 6 Pin to 6 Pin, FireWire Cables 4  Pin to 4 Pin, FireWire 800 Cables 9 Pin Beta Male to 9  Pin Beta Male, FireWire 800 Cables 6 Pin Male to 9 Pin  Bilingual Male, FireWire 800 Cables 4 Pin Male to 9 Pin  Bilingual Male

Category: Multimedia
Cameras & Video Grabber
Headsets and Microphones
Presentation & Training
Multimedia Cables
Audio Cables, Optical Audio Cables (SPDIF), Audio /  Video Cables, S-Video Cables, Composite Video Cables,  SCART Cables, Other Multimedia Cables
Multimedia Adapters
Audio Adapters, Audio / Video Adapters, SCART  Adapters, Category: Input Devices &  Accessories
Keyboards & Accessories
Mice & Accessories
Barcode & Magnetic Card Readers

Category: Hardware Installation &  Security
Case Modding
Case Lighting, Fans &  Cooling
CPU Heatsink & Coolers
Socket A, Slot  A 
Drive Brackets & Rails
External Drive Housings
PC Hardware Accessories
Removable Drive Modules,  Backplanes & RAID
IDE / ATA Removable Drive  Modules, Backplanes & RAID, SATA Removable Drive  Modules, Backplanes & RAID

Category: Power & Surge  Protection
Remote Power Switching

Category: Consumables, Care &  Portability
Cleaning Products
Storage Media
NoteBook Bags
CD/DVD Cases & Wallets
Security Products
Cable Ties & Clips
Cable Markers

Category: Cables
Internal Computer Cables
IDE / ATA  Cables
Keyboard / Mouse Cables
PC Keyboard / Mouse  Cables, Mac Keyboard / Mouse Cables
Video / Monitor Cables
VGA  Monitor Cables, S-VGA Premium Monitor Cables, S-VGA  Premium Gold Monitor Cables, S-VGA BNC Monitor Cables,  DVI Monitor Cables
Keyboard / Video / Mouse Cables
KVM  Extension Cables, KVM Cables, KVM Cables for CPU Switch  Lite OSD 8 (and old desktop models 32822 &32823),  KVM Cables for USB & VGA, KVM + Audio Combo  Cables
Multimedia Cables
Audio Cables, Optical  Audio Cables (SPDIF), Audio / Video Cables, S-Video  Cables, Composite Video Cables, SCART Cables, Other  Multimedia Cables
Mobile Phone & PDA Cables
Data Transfer  Cables, USB Charger Cables
Network Patch Cables
UTP Category 5e  Cables, UTP Category 5, UTP Category 6 Cables, FTP  Category 5e Cables, FTP Halogen Free Cables
Parallel Cables
Standard Parallel Cables, Premium Parallel Cables,  IEEE-1284 Parallel Cables
Serial Cables
RS-232 Cables, RS-422/485  Cables
USB Cables
Type A to Type B USB Cables,  Type A to Mini B USB Cables, Type A USB Extension  Cables, 
FireWire Cables
4 Pin to 6 Pin FireWire  Cables, 6 Pin to 6 Pin FireWire Cables, 4 Pin to 4 Pin  FireWire Cables, FireWire 800 Cables 9 Pin Beta Male to  9 Pin Beta Male, FireWire 800 Cables 6 Pin Male to 9 Pin  Bilingual Male, FireWire 800 Cables 4 Pin Male to 9 Pin  Bilingual Male
SCSI Cables
Internal SCSI Cables, External  SCSI Cables
IDC Connectors, Mini DIN,  Network Connectors
Internal Computer Power Adapters
Gender Changers & Port  Savers
Keyboard / Mouse Adapters
Video / Monitor Adapters
VGA  Adapters, DVI Adapters 
Multimedia Adapters
Audio  Adapters, Audio / Video Adapters, SCART Adapters 
Network Adapters
Parallel Adapters
Serial Adapters
USB Adapters
FireWire Adapters
SCSI Adapters & Terminators
SCSI PowerBook Adapters, SCSI Internal Adapters,  SCSI External Adapters, SCSI Internal Terminator, SCSI  External Terminator 
Telephone & Fax/Modem Adapters

Category: Cabling Tools &  Testers

Please browse our products to buy online networking  and computer parts and accessories, or contact us for  your free catalog or a quote.


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