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 We offer discount computer cables, such as USB, SCSI, cat5, cat6, and fiber optic cables. Please click below for more information and online shopping. For custom cables, please fill the quote request form or call us. We will quickly contact you with a solution to your computer connectivity needs.

USB Products

USB Cables

"USB Cables are  designed to connect USB Peripherals to computers. There is only one active USB  specification, this is version 2.0. In the USB 2.0 spec, there are  three different speeds that a device."

 Bulk CAT5E 350MHZ and BulkBulk CAT5E 350MHZ and Bulk CAT6 Cable CAT6 Cable

"Our bulk reels of  high quality 350 MHz. Enhanced Cat5e consists of a PVC jacket and  4 unshielded twisted pairs that have 24 awg. stranded conductors."

High Quality SCSI Cables

  High Quality SCSI Cables

"Peak performance  of SCSI devices depends on the quality of the SCSI cables you use.  Quality becomes increasingly important as SCSI transmission speeds  increase. Our SCSI cables will guarantee you trouble-free  operation and the highest possible transmission speeds. You don't  have to spend allot to get Quality SCSI cables. We currently stock SCSI1, SCSI2,SCSI3, and SCSI5 Cables."

CAT5E 350 MHZ and CAT6 Patch Cables

 We stock only the highest  quality Cat5e  Patch  Cables and Cat6  Patch Cables which meet and or exceed the  industries and our own high standards

CAT5E 350 MHZ and CAT6 Patch Cables

"Our  cables are UL rated and wired to the  TIA/EIA 568-B specifications,  which is the most common in U.S. installations."

*NEW* GoldX Quick Connect Cables


"GoldX Quick Connect Cables provide you with different   USB or   Firewire cable configurations within one package. Choose the  appropriate connectors for your specific environment" Multimode Duplexs

 Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

"We carry a full  line of fiber optic cables including Multimode and Singlemode cables. Multimode is available with SC-SC connectors, SC-MTRJ  connectors, SC-ST connectors."

GoldX USB Cables and GoldX Firewire Cables

 GoldX® USB  Products and GoldX® FireWire® Products

"GoldX®  USB Cables and GoldX® FireWire® Cables GoldX Products are made with a patent-pending process for the  formulation of the outer jacket on our cables. We also have design  patents on the shape of the cable connectors. No other  manufacturer can make a cable like ours."

 Component Video Cables

 Component Video Cables

" Component  Video Cables allow the DVD player to by-pass the TVs color  decoder to provide the best image quality and clarity possible."

  Cisco Compatible Router Cables

Cisco Compatible Router Cables

"The  Computer Cable store's CISCO Equivalent Router Cable delivers the performance and dependability you expect of a Cisco cable at a fraction of the cost.
We have  every type of
CISCO Compatible Cable you could need."

Discount Computer Cables and Connectivity Products
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