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Our company is a leading Australian cable manufacturer and cable supplier, located in NSW. We specialize in a wide range of commercial & military optical Fiber products, and copper data cabling and we also offer standard and custom cable manufacturing services. We serve many industries, such as Telecommunications, Ruggedized, Harsh Environment, Mining, Manufacturing, Armored Applications, Military/ Defence, and Aerospace. Our broad product selection, excellent service, fast deliveries, and low prices make us a true One Stop Source for both copper & Fiber cables.

As a well established Australian Government Endorsed Supplier and an AIDN NSW Member / Australian Industry & Defence Network Member, we are a reliable cable supplier for all your connectivity needs. With many commercial, military and military style standard and custom cabling products, such as MIL 38999, MIL 28876, TFOCA, TFOCA II, IP65, IP67, festoon cables, zero halogen, etc., we can serve all your cabling requirements. Contact us Today for a Quick Quote, More Info, and Unparalleled Technical Expertise.

We offer a large diversity of Fiber optic products from a range of cable manufacturers, located in the USA, Europe and Asia. Our expertise ranges from commercial telecom products to harsh environment cables, ruggedised cable assemblies, tactical fiber optic cable assemblies and MIL spec leads and cable. We distribute many types of cable assemblies and installation parts, such as Stratos Lightwave, OCC Fiber Cable, AMP expanded beam cable assemblies and Formex Fiber Enclosures.

- AIDN NSW - Australian Industry & Defence Network Member
- Australian Government Endorsed Supplier

We want to be your data and communications cabling company. We have the products, cable manufacturing service and knowledge to give you the professional service that you demand.

Copper & Fiber Networking technologies are changing rapidly. Keeping up with the latest advances and future trends, and building expandable, scalable networks for tomorrow's business is where we provide great value to our family of customers.

Serving you for over twelve years, we are Australia's leading cable manufacturer of quality cable assemblies. We pride ourselves on our customer's satisfaction. It's guaranteed!

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Our Customers are Computer Stores, Importers, Cable & Network Installers, Government Institutions, Retail Stores and Private Industry

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Our cable manufacturing and distribution company is located in NSW, Australia. We are a well established Australian custom cable manufacturer and cable supplier, offering fiber optics and copper cable solutions for computer, networking and communications in commercial, industrial, aerospace, and military environments. We serve many customers, including the Australian government, with quality copper and fiber optic cable assemblies and bulk cable at very competitive prices. Our service area includes Australia & New Zealand (Meadowbank, New South Wales, but also in  Sidney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington), South East Asia, Africa, Europe and indeed the world.

Optimized Cable Company
Optimized Cable Company