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Click Here to Download "Atomic Mail Sender"

Mass Email Program - Atomic Mail Sender

Step 1. Download and Install Atomic Mail Sender Ver. 9.35. During installation choose Demo.

Step 2. Obtain a list of email addresses you want to send your message to, and save it as a text file.

Step 3. Start the Atomic Sender program. After it opens, choose I will evaluate it and register later.

Step 4. At the top click on SMTP Wizard


Step 5. Choose Use my own external SMTP and hit Next.



Step 4. Click Add and then in the blank field enter in mail.YourDomainName and Press Add.



Step 5. Enter in your Full Email Address and Password. Then press Ok and Finish



Step 6. Write your Email by editing the main box.


Step 7. Click on Recipient, then on From file or database and select the email text file from Step 2. This will populate Atomic Mail Sender with the email address you want to use for this campaign.



Step 8. Next you should Test your Message before sending. Even check if it is viewed as spam under Spam Checker. Finally when everything is good. Hit Send.



Step 9. You will now see all the email addresses you are going send your email to as well as other info like where the email being sent is coming from, Subject and if there are any attachments. When everything looks good, hit Start to start sending out the emails.




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